A Greek Odyssey – day 7

Fun afloat

Today we went on a boat trip, along the south side of the island, to Kleftiko – a rock and cave formation set in clear, azure blue water. It was windy when we set off from Agia Kyriaki (we had got a transfer from Ademas to catch the boat at this beach) and we were both worried that it might be a little choppy, but our captain assured us it would be “flat” and he was true to his word – windy, yes, some spray, yes, some waves traversing from starboard to port (got to use the nautical lingo!) but we did stay “flat” for the hour or so cruise along the south coast, occasionally slowing down to view close up a particularly pretty or spectacular beach.

After an hour we droped anchor in a sheltered cove, atop turquoise blue waters and, with an hour for swimming, we were invited to get in the sea. I didn’t need asking twice, diving straight in and swimming out to, and through, a tunnel in a nearby rock stack.

You didn’t have to dive or jump in, the crew lowered some steps and soon the whole boat was enjoy the water. But I like to dive and jump, so like an impatient schoolboy, I was in and out of the water having a whale of a time.

And when the hour was up, the ship’s horn was sounded, we all re-boarded dripping with sea water and excitement after a fun filled sixty minutes in a beautiful setting. The crew served some complimentary snacks – grapes, bread sticks, and more: I hungrily picked up a slice of crusty bread lathered with nutella and took a bite. It wasn’t nutella, but olive paste – perhaps my only disappointment of the day (and it was still tasty!)

We set sail for our home port/beach, but before we reached harbour, we stopped off at another secluded beach for 20 minutes of swimming off the boat – more diving and jumping into the crystal clear sea. And then it really was time to go home, and we docked four hours after we set off.

Our trip was with Zefiros tours: https://zefirosmilos.gr/ costing 40 euros each, and we paid an additional 14 euros each for transfer to and from Ademas (if you have a hire car, you could drive yourself to the beach) The trip was 4 hours long – almost to the minute – and the ship sails twice a day: 10am to 2pm and 3pm to 7pm. We went on the morning trip, booking the day before in Athena Travel in Ademas. Happy to recommend this trip and company – we had a great time.

In the evening we returned to Plaka, climbing to the top of the hill fort to watch the sunset. It was majestic, peaceful and humbling, a wonderful setting to watch the sun go down.

What a busy day!

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