A Greek Odyssey – day 10

Jumping off an elepant

In our original plans, we were going to stay on Kimilos but circumstance (cost & convenience) mitigated against it, but after our trip to the island yesterday, we enjoyed it so much we decided to return today.

One of the places we looked at staying on the island was a refurbished and re-purposed fisherman’s shed on the beach, now called the “Elephant House”, named after the “Elephant rock” in the bay. It transpires that we spent much of yesterday staring at the rock, but neither of us spotted an elephant, but today, with our eyes better attuned we made out first the trunk, and then the body and legs, of an “elephant” across the bay from where we had set up station on the beach.

In fact, unbeknown to me, earlier this morning I had swam across to the rock (having first ventured all the way to the back of “my cave” – I was feeling brave, and encountered no monsters of the deep, only interesting rock formations and a beach at the back of the cave), scrambled on to its lower ledges and jumped and dived into the perfect, crystal clear water below.

Another day of fun in the sun and sea.

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